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Welcome to Sleepy Hollow Farm Gourd Website. We hope you enjoy our work and feel free to ask us questions regarding gourd crafts and gourds in our garden!

What is a Gourd? Gourds are related to the Cucurbitaceae family, which also contains all melons and squash. Unlike the squash, it will dry with a hard shell which has been known to last for thousands of years! The varieties of gourds consist of the Ornamental, Luffa Sponge and the Hardshell, all of which we grow, to some extent, on the farm. Gourds have been used by humans for a very long time and for a large variety of reasons: utensils, water containers, musical instruments and ceremonial.

Generally, we start our gourds seeds in the warmth of our greenhouse until the threat of the frost is over. Gourds typically need a growing season 120 -140 of frost free days to mature. We transplant the baby plants to the sunny areas around the farm. (A watchful eye is important when mowing the grass during the early season.)

Once the gourd vines has grown for at least 6 weeks, and blossom appears, Mike assists with the pollination by hand pollinating the plants. An interesting fact regarding the blossoms is the Ornamentals have a bright gold yellow day flower, the Luffa has a pale yellow day flower; however, the Hardshell gourd a larger white nighttime bloom.

Once the gourd has fully matured in the fall, we store them in our barn to "cure" or harden. This process can take anywhere from several months to a year; it all depends on the size, thickness and type of gourd. Once dried, Mike soaks the gourds in water to soften, then removes the mold using wire brushes. The gourd is then sanded and depending on the design, cut and seeds removed.

Now it's time for the real fun to start -- decorating and playing with the gourds!

Finished gourds are available for purchase. Please check out Gallery Page and again feel free to contact us anytime! Custom orders/designs are welcomed.

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Thank you for visiting, Joan & Mike